Surfin’ on the Street

8:45pm. When the sun is setting and it's kind of hazy, still warm. A slight breeze. Cruising down the pavement. Feeling the texture of the pavement rumbling under my feet as I glide over it. My fingers rough and sore from gripping the sandpapery surface of my board. My legs aching from using muscles to... Continue Reading →

Little Blue Bird

There's a little blue bird that lives on my phone screen now. It's my Twitter app! I've been slowly but surely learning more about this little bird and how it's going to impact my future as an educator. Participating in the #SaskEdchat last Thursday was actually a blast. Before class that evening, I was actually... Continue Reading →

Falling = Success!

This is Week 2 of my Learning to Longboard project, and I'm already making progress. I feel far more confident in my longboarding skills, even if they are still basic. Something that really fueled my practice this week was Hans Wouter's video on 10 Beginner Longboard Tips. In his video he talked about having the... Continue Reading →

What Does the Future Hold?

What will teaching and learning look like this Fall? Thinking about this makes me a little bit anxious, but also excited. As I do my best to prepare for my internship this fall, I realize that this is an incredibly unique time to be entering the field as I will learn firsthand what it looks... Continue Reading →

The first step to being sorta good

"Sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something." -Jake the Dog, Adventure Time. Yes, this is a quote from a cartoon. Yes, it was my yearbook quote, don't judge. Believe it or not, this quote by a cartoon dog has been inspirational to me whenever I feel self-conscious about trying... Continue Reading →

Sporadic, but we’ll work on that.

I'm going to be honest: I registered for my Spring semester without even looking at the class descriptions. When I signed up for EDTC, all I thought was "Oh, technology. That doesn't sound very exciting." Yet here I am already genuinely enjoying this class and our upcoming projects, because it contains so many things I... Continue Reading →

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