Learning in Community

I believe that I am a very specific kind of extrovert that has many introverted tendencies, mannerisms, and hobbies, but I absolutely need people around me! It is so encouraging and so much easier to struggle and to learn alongside people that are going through the same things. I am so thankful that I was... Continue Reading →

Longboarding Learned ✔

Don't let the title deceive you! There is still so much improvement to be made, and I don't think I will ever reach an endpoint in this learning journey. This is very much a skill I will carry forwards into my life as I have found a new hobby that I love. First, I am... Continue Reading →

Weekend Coding Fun!

I so enjoyed this week's challenge of trying out some coding projects! I've tried out a little bit of coding here and there. I've never tried Hour of Code before, but I've tried out some block coding with Microbits. I had the valuable opportunity to learn a lot about coding from some workshops earlier this... Continue Reading →

Indoor Longboarding?

This week has been quite the whirlwind. I am beyond grateful for the fact that I am now working full time at a job that I love. However, it has been a change of gears to say the least as I juggle my full time hours with my 2 online classes. With my shift in... Continue Reading →

Sleuthers, Stalkers, and Trolls, Oh My!

This weekend I had the privilege of playing FBI for an afternoon to find out all I could about my friend Tamantha Kirsch. However, it wasn't very juicy since Tamantha is very professional and responsible with her social media use. I did find out from her, though, that I may need to delete some old... Continue Reading →

The Decisions of Silence and Anti-Oppressive Education

Before I say anything, I want to share what leaders Joe Truss and Andrea Ranae have said, because they have said it better than I could ever. On teachers' responsibility towards active citizenship and anti-oppressive education: To my white educators: Today, you’re posting about social justice, buying antiracist books, following brown folks, and temp changing... Continue Reading →

Uncomfortable Conversations with Julia

If you are someone looking for an anti-racist resource to share on your Instagram or Twitter in order to amplify the BLM movement, this ain't it. Please share this list of resources instead. If you are someone who needs to do some more processing on what privilege means and work through what they are seeing... Continue Reading →

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